Faster Progress for Everyone

This post is part of my coverage about the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2017. I was in Lindau blogging about the daily events and the meeting for the Lindau blog. I wrote the pieces in German, but due to its relevance (open access publishing), this article was also made available in English. (originally published... Continue Reading →


Why I marched for science – a transatlantic perspective

The March for Science turned a spotlight on the importance of research. But it won’t have a lasting effect unless we improve science communication, says Judith Reichel.

Standing up for science – now more than ever

Science has never been an easy job, but in the tradition of great scientists, we should keep fighting for it. The current climate of uncertainty, oppression, and fear-mongering that extends far beyond the realm of science requires a response built upon courage and bravery. Neuroscientists do not yet know which specific pathways promote courage and... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about #SciComm

My recent take on the sometimes worrying developments of the young field of Science Communication, and the importance of responsible science journalism. Originally published on Science communication is a young field with many voices and few guidelines. Let’s find a way to combine our voices in order to protect the integrity of research endeavors. There are... Continue Reading →

A discussion of the “PostDoc- Situation” in the US in light of the recent amendment of the US overtime pay law

One step forward, two steps back….? The Status Quo So much has been said and written about the “special kind of hell” that often describes the daily life of a postdoctoral research fellow. There have been objections against the poor pay and horrid hours, advice on how to combine a young family with the demands of a prosperous career, and many other more or less specific issues regarding the career choices and trajectories of postdocs. But after all this reporting, writing, and the discussions – what has actually been achieved?

A closer look into the reward system of scientists #meta

My contribution to the Albert Einstein College's blog - originally published January 2016 on Making a Scientist’s Brain Light Up   What excites a scientist’s brain? Is it the next big breakthrough experiment that will save humanity? Is it the approval of the R01 grant that will guarantee another few years of life in the... Continue Reading →

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